Tastiest Restaurants in Chelmsford

Looking for the best restaurant that actually serves the tastiest food in Chelmsford. Well as the leading Chelmsford cabs company, we hear a wide range of opinions and feedback from our customers regarding restaurants in the city.

There’s also certain places we know are hugely popular but of the number of bookings we get especially in advance because it means that they have booked in advance to guarantee tables.

So we have created a list of the best 10 restaurants in Chelmsford to give you some inspiration and hopefully a fantastic evening.

1. Zenxi

Best Chinese Restaurant in Chelmsford

Taking the number one spot on the list is a fancy Chinese restaurant in the name of Zenxi. If you speak to anyone in Chelmsford who has had the privilege of eating at this restaurant, most will agree that it is the best Chinese they have eaten anywhere. That is one very bold claim to make!

What makes this restaurant really special is the feeling of homeliness whereby the staff are always at hand to help and make recommendations. This is then combined with dim lighting which gives the place quite an intimate feel, excellent for a special occasion. On a Friday night, there is added entertainment in the form of a singer to make it a wonderful evening heading into the weekend.

Be warned, this is not a cheap place to eat at. If you are looking for a cheap Sunday takeaway style Chinese then this is probably not the place to go to. The price is a little on the high side, but it is completely worth it with excellent portion sizes.

2. Pastacuitta

Best Italian restaurant in Chelmsford

This is probably a surprise entry at number two and one that not many people have heard of. Located within the heart of Chelmsford market, this is a family run Italian restaurant which arguably serves the best pasta and coffee in Chelmsford. When it comes to authenticity and Italian food, you would have to fly back to Italy to find something comparable.

In terms of customer experience, the staff at Pastacuitta are super friendly and charming. You will have a wide range of variety to choose from and all the food is freshly made in front of you. What’s even more impressive is probably the price! You get so much value for your money and are very good portion sizes too.

What can also be considered quite impressive is the special that they have on which is usually something a bit different to the menu but absolutely tasty nevertheless.

Be warned though, once you have ordered your food and eaten it, you may be too full to try the desert.

3. Back Inn Time

Tasty American Diner in Chelmsford

Being established as one of Chelmsford’s longest serving restaurant, it’s no surprise that this wonderful American diner has made the list.

From the moment that you step through the doors, you are welcomed by a friendly and helpful team of staff who are always at hand to help.

One thing we would recommend is to book in advance. Even during the week, the place can get very busy and unless you have a booking, you could be waiting a while. However, even if the place is packed, we have found that you shouldn’t be kept waiting for too long with a booking.

Now in terms of food as we all know, American diners are not shy of serving massive portions. This is definitely the case at Back Inn Time. You will sometimes even hear of people that are full from just the starters so make sure you are feeling hungry and ready to eat before you enter. To top it all off, the food tastes absolutely lovely too.

If you enjoy a tasty adult beverage along with your meal, then you will be welcomed with a massive list of cocktails. Be careful though, these taste absolutely wonderful and quickly turn into three or four without even realising. We hear that the Pina Colada is a genuine favourite at the restaurant.

4. Zorba the Greek

Tasty Greek Food in Chelmsford

When you first walk up to the restaurant, you would not be mistaken for thinking that you are at the wrong place. Located on New London road, it is quite hidden away by the train station under the arches.

However, once you enter the restaurant, you will straight away feel what they state as an authentic Greek experience, without having to travel all those miles. The staff are so friendly and welcoming.

In terms of the food, it is absolutely wonderful and bursting with flavour. You will almost struggle to choose from the menu because there are some very attractive options. The ones we hear of the most is the fried feta and the Meze which is an abundance of freshly prepared food, so much that you may even have to consider taking some leftover home by the end. If you do have some space left in the tummy at the end, then the Baklava is a must have!

Overall, a fantastic authentic Greek experience which could become one of your favourites!

5. Pakwaan

Top Indian food in Chelmsford

Located slightly outside the main town centre, Pakwaan is a fine dining Indian restaurant that is like no other in Chelmsford. With many local residents claiming that this is the best Indian restaurant in Essex, there is high expectations the moment you step in through the door. From our taster session, you are definitely not disappointed!

What was very impressive and slightly underrated is the menu in this place. One of the common problems with Indian restaurants is the lack of description especially when it comes to new dishes. In Pakwaan, the excellent job they have done is to explain exactly what the dish consists of so you know what you are ordering and believe us when we say that some of the dishes have some very tasty twists like a chocolate samosa.

The staff themselves are very polite and accommodating. Plus if you get the opportunity to speak to the co-owners, they are an absolute pleasure with some very attractive recommendations.

Overall, local Indian restaurants are notorious for having quite low standards but Pakwaan prides itself as a high-end restaurant and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come.

6. Pig & Whistle

Who doesn’t love a good countryside British roast? When it comes to a classic British treat, you have to give this cosy little restaurant a try. It is absolutely stunning and a wonderful place for a special evening.

When you enter here you are welcomed by the friendly and warm staff who will show you to your table inside the tastefully decorated pub. You will truly feel the 5* service involved because the waiters are so passionate and always at hand to help, which makes a huge difference to your meal.

The menu was absolutely to die for especially the desserts after.

A bit of a bonus for all you gin lovers reading this, the restaurant has a huge gin menu to go along with your meal.

As a heads up, if you are looking to go on a Sunday, we would definitely recommend getting a booking because Sundays are very popular and jam-packed.

Added entertainment of chilled acoustic really strengthens the experience without having to feel like you are unable to talk.

Be prepared to leave with your belly full and a great big smile on your face.

7. Turquoise Kitchen

Known as arguably the best Turkish restaurant in Essex, it’s no surprise to see Turquoise Kitchen featured on the list. Located by High Chelmer Shopping centre, it’s no surprise to see it very busy even during the week in the evenings.

One of the biggest worries with Turkish food is the comparisons to a late night kebab or sometimes not the most appealing looking food. However, this restaurant really turns this on its head as it’s absolutely spotless and the food looks absolutely delicious.

The menu consists of an array of options which includes the likes of shish, mixed grill and Meze platters. Everything tastes absolutely delicious and if you have a big appetite then don’t worry, Turquoise Kitchen are very generous with their portions. It doesn’t matter if you are popping in for a quick work lunch or a family evening dinner, your food will be top quality and great value for money.

Even though, it can get quite busy in here, waiting times for your food are very impressive without feeling like you are being rushed. Just an overall fantastic experience from start to finish.

8. Olio Restaurant

Another excellent Italian restaurant which could easily be much higher on the list. While Pastacuitta had a more traditional, homely feel to eating there, Olio is more of a high-end restaurant.

One thing you notice straight away when you step through the doors is how beautifully it is decorated which adds to that authentic Italian experience.

The surprisingly popular option here is the steak which they are known for cooking to perfect according to your requirements. Even something as simple as spaghetti tastes absolutely outstanding and is prepared with a lot of care and attention.

Beware, if you are a bit of a desert lover, order carefully as the portion sizes are very generous and may leave you feeling too full to eat that slice of Tiramissu.

It will for sure be a place you visit many times and recommend to many of your friends and family. Definitely far better than those Italian chain restaurants and will give you a truly Italian experience.

9. Channels Bar & Brasserie

It is not often that you spot a lovely barn conversion which offers exquisite Thai food and Chelmsford’s best bottomless brunch. If you like a bit of a hidden setting away from the madness of the town, then this is the perfect little spot as you get the peace and quiet that comes with a golf club.

The place has recently been refurbished to give the barn a new look and the introduction of a new head chef has really added the place on the map.

There is plentiful selection on the menu and you will find a nice 2 for 1 menu which actually does include some fantastic options.

Finally the staff at this place! If we were to rate this purely on the service that you receive from the staff, this place could very easily end up at the number 1 position. The service was unbelievable, you will feel like royalty.

10. Shwings

Last but not least, is this little gem located in the heart of Chelmsford. If you love you wings, then you must give this place a go! Some people have gone as far as saying that this is the best wings they have tasted in Essex which is a bold statement to make.

What you will notice straight away here is the fantastic atmosphere and service. The owner is super passionate about this restaurant and this definitely shown in the quality of the food and service provided by the waiters. The waiters know the menu in fantastic detail and will be able to suggest the best options according to your taste.

So with respect to food, as mentioned above, this is probably known as the best place for wings. Therefore we recommend sticking with the wings instead of the half chicken or the Spatchcook. There is plenty of choice in terms of the flavours but the most popular are the Buffalo wings or the Honey and Chilly.

Regarded as the new upcoming Nandos, you won’t be judged for becoming hooked with this place. Absolutely fantastic flavours and a great atmosphere to go along with. Hopefully, it passes the test of time and will be providing us with the best wings for a long time to come.

So that’s it. You have our tastiest options in Chelmsford so give them a good and see if you agree with us. Don’t forget, if you are looking for a good takeaway then check out our best takeaway guide in Chelmsford.

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